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"so, get back to where we lasted..."

"just like i imagined..."

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this may never start.
we could fall apart.
and i'd be your memory.
lost your sense of fear.
feelings insincere.
can i be your memory?

so get back to where we lasted.
just like i imagine.
i could never feel this way.
so get back to the disaster.
my heart's beating faster.
holding on to feel the same.

this may never start.
i'll tear us apart.
can i be your enemy?
losing half a year.
waiting for you here
i'd be your anything.

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a cutthroat kiss, a static lullaby, ace of base, against me!, alanis morisette, alexisonfire, alkaline trio, american nightmare, anatomy of a ghost, anberlin, ani difranco, as i lay dying, at the drive-in, atreyu, b movies, belle & sebastian, ben folds five, bjork, bleed the dream, bleeding through, blondie, body art, boy sets fire, boys night out, brand new, brandon, bright eyes, brighteyes, cake, casey jones, cat power, chai tea, churches, cigarettes, clasical instruments, coheed & cambria, coheed and cambria, cold weather, coldplay, cory hart, count the stars, cyndi lauper, daphney loves derby, dar williams, dashboard confessional, dave matthews, death cab for cutie, deep purple, depeche mode, drawing, dream theater, dressing up, fall out boy, fata, finch, fiona apple, fist my coven, flowers, folklore, franz ferdinand, further seems forever, garbage, gummo, halloween, hanson, hot hot heat, incubus, jammer, jen bi, jewel, jimmy eat world, julien donkey boy, king missle, lamb of god, le tigre, madonna, marilyn manson, maroon five, matchbook romance, mates of state, me without you, mikey, mirah, modest mouse, my chemical romance, natalie imbruglia, nine inch nails, norma jean, northstar, padded rooms, party monster, pat benatar, paul j, paula cole, photography, pi, pj harvey, planes mistaken for stars, poetry, posion the well, r.e.m, radiohead, rilo kiley, rufio, sarah jones, sarah mclachlan, saul williams, saves the day, senses fail, shaun colvin, shopping, showers, silverstein, spun, star crossed lovers, taking back sunday, the 80's, the autumn offering, the beatles, the cure, the darkness, the darkroom, the dead romance, the faint, the indigo girls, the juliana theory, the killers, the lights never lie, the mars volta, the movielife, the pixies, the postal service, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, the spill canvas, the strokes, the used, the velvet underground, thrice, thursday, tool, tori amos, weezer, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard